PS3P - Killzone 2 Review

"Finally, we can say that Killzone 2 is a reality and Guerrilla has created one of the best titles this year in its genre and if you leave in the previous would have been equally. A visual delight and playable for all of us that like Video games.

Now finally, you can call "Halo Killer" and like Visari say: "Victory is imminent!"

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ape0073593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

cannot wait

I played the demo over 40 times

everytime,it feels different

unbelievable AI and shooting mechanics\death animations\intesity\realism\im mersion\firing effects\charactermodels\size\s cope\explosions\water effects\lighning

and of course best graphics ever

this is next gen,the game feels like playing CG

now third party devs,take note,use the ps3 power,I want cod 6,bioshock 2,gta5,assasins creed 2,etc to use this power

and above all,you got 50 gb at your hands,the sees are open


aswan3593d ago

I agree I made a europe account just to download the demo and it was incredible

ChampIDC3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I think just about everyone recognizes what the PS3 can do in terms of graphics. Just because a game can look great doesn't mean they'll want to develop to that level, though. As nice as graphics are, gameplay is more important. It all comes down to developer preference in the end, and generally, the easy way out is the better choice to them if they can still make just as much money with it.

Timberland2K93593d ago

it doesn't kill halo because it hasn't been hyped enough to stop microsoft from making them stupid s*(ts but Halo 1 was the best.

Killzone 2 Turns around at halo vomits then turns back around and sh(ts on it.

XtreemGamer3593d ago

Great review! Is this site is on metacritic?

xg-ei8ht3593d ago

Max Rez, 1080p.

It works fine:0

soljah3593d ago

good score
tell gg, instead of going online and posting not to buy a review copy release the dam game already. its been gold for almost a month. what the f##k are they waiting for(hype to go back down to zero).
have they ever heard of the phase (strike while the iron is hot)

Pennywise3593d ago

The hot iron is ready to be poked into consumers rear ends... I would expect commercials to start next weekend or early next week. They need to pound TV stations with commercials.

SRU96003593d ago

Sony likes to strike when the iron is ice cold. lol

Socomer 19793593d ago

The demo we have and the final games graphics are completly different and for the better.

thats right! Killzone 2 is even Sicker than that! Unbelievable!

redsquad3593d ago

I figured that.
I saw a video comparing preview build with final build (On IGN I think) - Jagged shadows were present in the warehouse section, yet had been smoothed out for the release. As the shadows were jagged in the demo, I reasoned that it was an erlier build.
KZ2 the game will look even better - How cool is that!

olivia3593d ago

socomer are you sure?anyway those screens look amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.