PSi: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Review

PSi has seen a glut of retro titles on the market, and there's an argument to be made that many of the recent RPGs haven't come that far at all from their ancestors. Star Ocean: Second Evolution is a stronger installment than the first game, whetting our appetite for the possibility of a third and final entry (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time) to make its way to PSP. It's especially rare to find a deep RPG with replay value, but that's exactly what is on offer here. It's sad there isn't much competition on the system now, considering the slow release schedule for PSP during the last 6-8 months. In a time of drought, everyone craves even a sip of water; Star Ocean: Second Evolution is more like giving the proverbial dying man a drink from the fire hose than a glass of water! You'll appreciate the depth of the game and its replay value, since unfortunately there's no telling when they'll get another good release on the system.

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