Bit-tech: Dragon Age: Origins Hands-on Preview

Bit-tech writes:

"Spiritual successors are dangerous things and always it seems that fans of the original are hating the bastard children which claim to be such things. Just look at all the flak that Jesus' little brothers and sisters had to put up with – being immortalised in a Dan Brown book? That's the worst insult imaginable!

At the same time though, it's hard not to get excited when a company like BioWare says that not only has it never given up on PC gamers, but is planning to return to it in full with a PC release that's a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2. You could be the most cynical person imaginable (but we doubt it) and your hopes would still be risen by the proclamation.

To be honest though, cynicism and hope aren't the emotions that Dragon Age: Origins instilled in us when we went hands-on with it. Instead, what Ray Muzyka's presentation and our following play-time gave us was a sense of dread."

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