WorthPlaying Review - 'SingStar Legends'

WP writes: "It can be argued that the SingStar game series has quite possibly eclipsed Karaoke Revolution as being the most prolific music franchise on the PS2. In the span of three years, there have been no fewer than seven games appearing on the system, each with a completely different song list of master recordings and each one covering different genres and eras. This time around, SCEE London has put out another compilation of songs called SingStar Legends, covering some of the biggest hits from the 1950s to the 1990s. For PS2 owners, this is pretty much a must-buy. For PS3 SingStar owners, however, things are a bit different.

For those unfamiliar with the game series, SingStar Legends is a pure karaoke game. Using the USB microphone package (purchased separately or supplied in previous SingStar packages), players pick a song and sing along to it. The goal is to try match the vocal pitch of the song using a scale presented on-screen. The meter fills up when you match the presented pitch, and it also goes above and below the pitch meter when you happen to sing higher or lower than what the game wants, respectively. The pitch meter is presented near the center of the screen while the lyrics go on the bottom of the screen, letting you know what the words of the song are if you haven't memorized the song already. As an added bonus, the actual music video of the song plays in the background so it gives others not playing something to look at while they wait their turn."

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