BAFTA fails to recognise MGS4, Treyarch snubbed

Patrick Steen at Gamezine:

"The BAFTA Video Game Awards are announced, but they fail to recognise Metal Gear Solid 4 in their Game of the Year voting. Moreover, Treyarch is snubbed in favour of Infinity Ward.

Tell me I'm wrong, but isn't there one massive game missing from the list? The game that you voted to win the Gamezine Game of the Year - also smashing the competition in the PlayStation 3 awards?

And then there's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare being nominated for seven awards. Apparently the game was not included in the 2007 BAFTA awards, since they occurred before the game was released. O.K., it's a great game, but this is 2009 and we're voting for 2008, not 2007.

Haven't Treyarch been f***ed over here?"

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