Electronic Arts, Please Don't Nerf Battlefield 1943

"Over the weekend at Comic Con, the company revealed the upcoming game would be geared toward "accessibility". What this means in the minds of developers is that any hindrance to shooting people in the face should be taken out of the game. Pesky limitations like Ammo and Health should be removed, they feel, in order to make the game more appealing to the masses.

If only DICE and EA would stick to their roots and retain some of the realistic trappings that made the original such a pleasure to come back to, this game could be a complement -- rather than an insult -- to the original."

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clinker3515d ago

Unlimited Ammo? THat is the stupidest idea I have ever heard.

ASSASSYN 36o3515d ago

EA is all about helping the baby noob's maintain some ability to succeed. We all start as them but if the game stays easy it becomes an insult. BF: Bad company has dots on every person whom has been seen once by the enemy to help people who had no idea you were hiding in a bush. Thats weak nerf crap. This suprises me very little EA.