Ubisoft Changes Rogue Trooper Release Date

IncGamers report that Rogue Trooper's release date can now be expected 20 February.

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Leord3569d ago

Wow, that's unusual! (I do mean that!)

It's not every day you get news like that!

Dorjan3569d ago

I hope they make a good control system for this.. because the Wii's control system is so different often game designers make hard to use controls :(

doctorstrange3569d ago

thought it would be best not to release it on the same day as Killzone 2

mastiffchild3569d ago

MMM. A Xbox/PS2 port for Wii. Published by Ubisoft. Little to no media attention or advertising.

Why am I not getting my hopes up?

Probably because anything remotely to do with Ubi where Wii is concerned(esp ports-those BIA ports were sh1t)is eother casual cack or a money grabbing cheap ass port. Just make Red Steel 2 already and this time fulfill your damn promises Ubisoft. You do it for other consoles but just because some idiot likes Ravin' Rabbids doesn't mean you can get away with this crap forever!

Obviously, I could have this wrong and it'll be a really good port that adds to the original with extra polish, content and fabulous controls but the fact we heard nearly nothing about it since it was announced worries me somewhat.