9.5 - Killzone 2 Review

"Killzone 2 is the quintessence of the first-person shooter. What does this mean? Those who have always despised the genre, now certainly will not change your mind. Who still likes to spend evenings on bread and Doom, however, swim in the most delicious chocolate. The latest in Guerrilla fails to innovate, not because of its deficit but for a choice, because it throws in Killzone meal at a realistic conflict that is not anything different from the others, but he does best. Campaign in single solid, entertaining and - despite the ups and downs of the script - passionate, prolonged longevity of millions of extra attachments and trophies, multiplayer tactical and long term, department audio / visual first. In short, we bet that the absence of a cooperative will not prevent a Killzone 2 to be loved by all the people and not Playstation. Put simply, one of the greatest productions of impact in history."

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DavidMacDougall3594d ago

Whats that EGDE your the only 7 in the bunch? Wonder why?

die_fiend3594d ago

Cos they're always retarded about decent games, and just generally harsh. They gave Bioshock 8, MGS4 8 lol. They wouldn't know a good game if it sat on their faces. Their publishers should be ashamed. Don't they wonder why their scores are always way off the mark? U can say every1's entitled to their opinion, but Edge aren't. They've no credibility whatsoever. I don't have any desire to own Killzone 2 but I know as well as any1 that a 7 is ridiculous

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

It's because they are a Bunch of W.........

Edge Mag is like reading a Boring Micro$oft Manual!!!(or listening to Micro$oft!!!) ;-D

Mr PS33594d ago

I cant help but Think of the
Ballet of Death Video
What a Good Video to advertise Killzone 2

achira3594d ago

nice, cant wait for the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.