Dead Rising 2: No date, no detail, no nothing

VG247: Dead Rising 2, eh? We're pumped. You're pumped. Everyone's pumped. How long are we going to have to stay pumped for before we play it?

We just asked Capcom PR and were told that nothing's known about the game other than the information in the press release. There's no release date, no detail. No nothing.

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Fishy Fingers3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

So basically this is a news article informing us there is no new news? Useful :/

nix3569d ago

it's bad news for 360 only owners because not only they have lost their exclusive, they have nothing to look for in '09 and the omission of date release is just killing them.

well... for the PS3 owners only, it's a good news because they are getting another good game plus when it releases doesn't matter because there are still exclusives games coming out throughout '09.

@pimp: stop sucking so much.. it doesn't build your character! '

JsonHenry3569d ago

I don't understand how a game going multiplat is "bad news" for anyone. Maybe you could explain this to me? If anything it is good news because more people are going to get to play the game.

Rock Bottom3568d ago

The game was officially announced less than 48 hours ago, and this retard already is complaining about the lack of information?!!

pimp6143569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

since it's going mutiplatform, the game is going to be downgraded because of another system's hardware failures.

PS3 fans was crying because it was a 360 only game, so microsoft felt sorry for them and decided to take it off as an exclusive. Too bad that won't happen with gears.

solidjun53569d ago

say whatever you want to say to help you sleep at night. You know who you sound like? PP

Anon19743569d ago

It received good reviews, had a "can't miss" premise and you know what? I hated it. I had it pre-ordered popped it in launch day and tried, tried so very hard to like it but just couldn't. I hate timed missions at the best of times, but an entire game based around timed missions? How could they make it worse? Oh wait, I know. Then make the player have to slog through waves of zombies for 20 minutes to even save their blasted game. "Honey! The Hendersens are here for dinner!" "Yeah, just a sec! I have to play another 25 minutes so I can save my game!"

Ugh! It was such a disappointment to me, because I liked the actual gameplay but I couldn't stand the mission setup, and the save feature was just flat out broken. I know I'm not the only one that was banging their head against a wall in frustration over this. Hopefully they listen and maybe...maybe Dead Rising 2 will be worth checking out.

RainOfTerror3569d ago

a news story about there being no news, indeed, that's lame...

why would you expect a release date already, it's just been announced. Most games have no release dates beyond thet "2009" if even that, and we all knew that DR2 would be multiplatform since Capcom publicly stated months ago that they were switching to such.

killzone2flop3569d ago

I just hope it won't get delayed because of ps3 and the good news is ps3 is getting downgraded version due to so many zombies(Droids) on screen which the cell can't handle also the memory.

Hallucinate3569d ago

actually its the other way around...the directer of RE5 said the ps3 has more zombies on screen at once..but that isnt always a good thing

PirateThom3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Funny enough, numerous on screen AI is not something the PS3 has any issue with.

Hallucinate3568d ago

@ sorry xboxism i just heard this somewhere..but it certinally is belivable...and it might not even be RE5 im thinking of

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Rhezin3569d ago

wow you're one of the biggest f!cking idiots on this site. Are you even aware you're a laughing stock on this site? Do you know how many people hate you? How many people want to bash your brains into your PC?

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