Only 'Rule Breakers' Buy Killzone 2 Promos

Spong Writes:Copies going for £212 on eBay.

After a US PlayStation Forum poster linked to a promo copy of Killzone 2 selling for £75 on eBay (at the time of the comment, £102 now) Seb Downie, QA manager for Guerrilla Games, posted, "I would strongly suggest not buying this. It is unclear whether this is a review build or something else. I can't tell from the pic if it is final version or not. If not, you will at no point be able to play online with it. Also I am sure it says on the disc 'Not for resale' so this guy is breaking the rules."

Seller (who has 100% positive feedback) disagrees. In an update to his eBay listing posted yesterday the seller wrote, "This game is the FUL GAME With Online play."

you're scratching your head and wondering why anyone would pay £102 for a game that will be out in two and a half weeks for £40 (and £20 two weeks after that), don't move that appendage. Other listings have been put up and completed at £192 and £211.94.

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Babylonian3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

That's a special pack you can only get if it is send to by SCEE if your one of the winners of something (I forgot).

I'm doing an internship for SCE Benelux and I send a few of those packs for the winners in the Netherlands.

The promo isn't meant for resale, what a dillhole.

N4360G3596d ago

LOL at the title,rule breakers? Killzone 2 is only 16 days away,I can't wait!!

pimp6143597d ago

This game is a rent for me,I'm not paying $65 for average game.
I will buy it when they knock $30 off, or put it in a bargin bin because it's not worth $65

PirateThom3597d ago

You don't have a PS3, get over it. Go and play Race Pro or something.

Ghoul3597d ago

again same procedure

pull bubble

Enigma_20993597d ago

... and they're right.. who in the hell would expect YOU to buy a PS3 game anyway?

retrofly3597d ago

I've got a promo copy, seems fine :) only cost me £39.99 from ebay.

If online dosn't work I don't mind buying it again, I can afford it :).

Check the PS3 KZ2 forums for proof etc, same username.

beavis4play3596d ago

why would anyone want proof of you breaking the rules?

retrofly3596d ago

I'm not breaking the rules, the person selling it it :)


mirroredderorrim3597d ago

Awesome picture, Fishy.


DA_SHREDDER3597d ago

Your lame pimp. Really,, the only one that is gonna be hurting here is you because you dont own a ps3. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't bought a ps3 yet. You aren't hardcore if you dont own a ps3. I dont have a job and Ive already had 2. Whats your excuse pimp? Let me guess, selling your sisters butt is harder then it looks huh?

BigPappaPump3597d ago

LOL Shredder. Why bother give the jealous troll feedback? We know he's mad because he can't afford a ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.