Fuel's first gameplay trailer release the first gameplay trailer of Fuel, developed by the french developers of Asobo Studio and edited by Codemasters, their new racing game featuring not less than a whopping 14,000 of land. And the graphics looks great.

The game is planned for releasing on May 2009 worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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killzone2flop3593d ago

This game is gonna be MENTAL i am so looking forward to playing this.

LeonSKennedy4Life3593d ago

Calm down there, man. It looks pretty formula so far. "Mental"???

Hallucinate3593d ago

looks better then motorstorm..but not even close to as fun as motorstorm

Foxgod3593d ago

Motorstorm looks like a kids game compared to this.

Foxgod3593d ago

i did, at a stand at the media market, it wasnt as impressive as Fuel looks.

dukadork23593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"Motorstorm looks like a kids game compared to this."

says the noob who's never even played it.
and that makes him look like a stupid xb!tch on n4g.
motorstorm pacific rift poops all over this and wipes its ass with you, noob


"i did, at a stand at the media market, it wasnt as impressive as Fuel looks."

riiiight, you lying sack o sh!t

Arnon3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Please, set aside your moronic fanboyish ways and TELL ME why Motorstorm is so good. Besides the fact that it's on the PS3.

dukadork23593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

even in high quality setting, this looks like sh!t compared to the original. use c0ckpit cam and you have the best and rawest hardcore offroad experience to date. like most ps3 games, there's just an insane amount of stuff flying, mud, water, smoke, debris and you go thru soft vegetation at blazing speed.

in the 2nd video (colossus canyon) you can do the 2nd half of the race entirely in the river with a monster truck, jumping down cascades and rapids: [email protected] until you have experienced that hardcore with buddies online, you don't know D!CK about offroad racing games. and no pretty sunset is gonna change that.

edit below:

dude, your douchebagness is cute but i got games to play

Arnon3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

That's because off-road racing games are FAIL when in comparison to games such as Forza and Gran Turismo. Are you seriously praising Motorstorm? I mean, have you sank so low to the point that there's nothing else to praise? ROFL.

And also, you didn't tell me sh*t. All you showed me was some graphics. And I've played BOTH Motorstorm games. There is NOTHING, LITERALLY, NOTHING special about them. And I guarantee you that you cant tell me otherwise. Is Motorstorm pretty? Somewhat, yes.. is it anything to be praising? No, not really.

"Bu-bu-bu-but the weight and velocity of your vehicle determines if you can smash through overgrown vegetation!" So effing what? Is this supposed to be something to marvel at? The weight and velocity of ANY vehicle should be able to smash through some damn plants. It isn't difficult to program something like:

"Dirtbikes = Weak resistance to terrain"

"Monster Trucks = Strong resistance to terrain"

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baraka0073593d ago

Could be good.
and lol at Hallucinate I gave you an agree for being so bold but you shouldn't have said a ps3 game because you're going to get disagrees and bad rep from killzone2flop and his kind.

Sasanova3593d ago

inferior to motor storm in every way.

bassturd3593d ago

ya looked like MotorStorm with Pure's racetracks. MotorStorm is awesome for it's tracks IMO.

stevenhiggster3593d ago

Looks like a cross between Motor Storm and Dirt, and that cant be a bad thing since they are both great games :-)

Leathersoup3593d ago

It's not inferior as far as size of environments ;)

Ju3593d ago

Its a different game. Its an "open world racer". You can driver wherever you want. MS (and MS2) looks better, though. Its all their Dirt and Grid tech pushed into open world. Not much better visuals, though.

Leathersoup3593d ago

@ Ju - Actually the open world has nothing to do with the DiRT or GRID technologies. The game is being developed by Asobo who were actually developing a game with a wide open world tech named Grand Raid Offroad back before 2005. That game, it seems, ended up becoming FUEL.

Ju3593d ago

Hm, OK. I like Dirt and Grid, BTW. Some car models look the same. Makes me wonder if they at least shared some assets (and code ??). I mean, it goes thru Codemasters after all.

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Antan3593d ago

Looks good, reminds me a bit like Smuggler Run. Hopefully they can iron out the framerate problems.

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