White Gold for the Xbox360 & PC (Trailer)

Enter a beautiful, yet very dangerous, tropical paradise and bring down a corrupt and brutal government from within.

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dragunrising4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Looks like another Xbox 360 exclusive...looks pretty dAmn good too. Coming soon? I'm betting the PC version will come out first and the 360 version will follow a couple of months after. That seems to be the trend... Also, it seems that the 360 will serve as host for a bunch of AAA PC games. The ease of porting between the two machines is a compelling reason to make a 360 version. Can't wait. PC and Xbox competition via Live is going to become the next big reason to own a 360. Sony better think of something better than Playstation Home. WoRd

kornbeaner4308d ago

might have to try it out on my PC.

shotty4308d ago

Look like a mix of Oblivion and Just Cause..... add Live play and I'm sold.....looks great too.

HuntingYou4308d ago

The greens and the water look good. plus, was that guy ridin a dolphin-fin....can you do that as a player?

InMyOpinion4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

I submitted tips about this trailer 4 days ago. No one seems to notice.

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