COD4 Leads BAFTA 09 Nominations List "The nominations for this year's BAFTA Videogames Awards have been released with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare topping the list.

The hugely popular shooter is up for seven separate awards, and is just eligible for nomination by being released after the last BAFTA event in late 2007."

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user94220773302d ago

and it should, this game is fcking great

Johnny Cullen3302d ago

Despite the fact it came out a year ago, I say...


ape0073302d ago

I still play cod 4 on regular basis

it's amazing

can't believe it released 1 year 3 months ago

still kicking a$$

CyberCam3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

COD4 winning best Artistical Achievement & Story & Character over some of the others in those categories did make me LOL!

Anyway congrates to IW & COD4!

Tempist3302d ago

Trust me, it's not winning half those awards. Remember BAFTA isn't based on the popularity contests the rest of the internet judges videogames by. There's a higher standard at work here and when it comes down to it, COD4 doesn't live well against them.

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killzone2flop3302d ago

Great game deserves the award. The funny thing is theirs a game which is desperately trying to hard to be the next COD4 even copying from COD4. We all know that game will fail.

King_many_layers3302d ago

I know it's really pointless to argue in the open zone about something, but this is really bugging me.. in what way does KZ copy COD4 mainly ?? is it the gameplay of it that you believe copies it ??

BLUR1113302d ago

Can't wait to see how Modern Warfare 2 turns out everyone knows it will get "Shooter of the Year 2009"

jtucker783302d ago

Nice to see Dead Space nominated for 4 awards!!

somekindofmike3302d ago

I agree,

Dead Space would get my vote to win for some of those categories.

Rhythmattic3302d ago

No MGS4?

I had never played a Metal Gear Game before, and was blown away by MGS4.

somekindofmike3302d ago

lol, I agree again.

Metal Gear belongs in this category and would be a strong contender to win.

Call of Duty 4 somehow is in this category, and I don't think it should be. Call of Duty 4 is an amazing game, but it will not be remembered for it's story & character, it will be remembered for gameplay and multiplayer.

WildArmed3302d ago

Yeah, Im surprised.
I thought that MGS4 stood out in that category compared to the last couple of years

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The story is too old to be commented.