PSX Extreme: Unbound Saga Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "The PlayStation Network is really starting to come into its own – wait until you see our review for Flower – but let's not forget that certain titles are there to enhance your PSP, not your TV. One such upcoming game is Vogster Entertainment's Unbound Saga, which is based upon the Dark Horse comic book series and is scheduled to arrive some time this June. It'll be available on the PlayStation Store for the PSP, and if you're at all familiar with old-school experiences like Comix Zone, you should be intrigued by this relatively original concept. Basically, Rick Ajax (awesome name for a main character) is stuck in a comic book world, and he continually battles a villain who keeps drawing in new obstacles and enemies. You know, if you really think about it in spiritual abstract terms, it's like saying the protagonist has to battle God…totally cool. Anyway, as you can see by some of the early screenshots, this is going to be an artistically impressive, slam-bang action title that ought to be a pleasant diversion from the flashier and far more expensive console titles sitting on store shelves."

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