10 New Infamous Screens

PALGN have 10 new screenshots of the PlayStation 3 exclusive Infamous.

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LightningPS3PS33569d ago

This game looks like it could be done on the Nintendo 64.

Sony you're in a lot of trouble. Time to drop out buddies, I don't know what you put inside the PS3 that's draining all you're finances and forcing you to sell it at a price way above you're competitors. But whatever it was, it's obviously nothing that produces superior games.

You're just falling behind more and more with your price, and already losing money on every PS3 sold. You're not succeeding on any front, profit or market share. Time to pull the plug.

Dipso3569d ago

@Lightning you are a pathetic c**t...end of.

cmrbe3569d ago

Does this game looks like a PS1 of n64 game to you?.

Did Sony killed your beloved cat?.

Lightning, honestly, go and get help.

Jamegohanssj53569d ago

Did anyone catch this screen?

It has the Sly Cooper dude on it.


Panthers3569d ago

Yup, right on the back pack. Interesting

Doppy3569d ago

lol they did make sly copper. Nice find. Hopefully the 3 changes to a year so we can all speculate when the next Sly Copper comes out.

baraka0073569d ago

Can't wait to play this game I just hope it has a good story.

and about lightning you almost have to feel sorry for these people... because what kind of life could a person that acts like that have?

Lanontscuz3569d ago

i like how its looks ..but i want to see an actually gameplay before i say anymore

cmrbe3569d ago

looks wicked. I say it might be actually be better than Uncharted which is huge. This is another game that i am dying to play and will be a serious contender for GOTY 09.

JokesOnYou3569d ago

Looks good and they still have more time to polish it up but I don't see any aspect of this game that raises the bar within the genre to make a statement for it being "a serious contender for GOTY....from what the vids I've seen Prototype is looking far better, but maybe I'm wrong and when its released the game will end up surprising me.


Cajun Chicken3569d ago

Why does that look like Cole is controlling that?