GI.Biz Interview: Not Such a Perfect World

With all of the negativity rolling around the industry regarding high development costs in a tricky climate, the end of last week saw a refreshing story came to light out of the glare of corporate finance and investor confidence - indie development group Team Dystopia released its Source Engine title Dystopia via Steamworks, to a potential audience of around 15 million PC gamers.

The team, who have been working in their spare time for a number of years, are based on three different continents and their only income is from donations. But they're also working on secret new plans, to be revealed soon, and hope to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Introversion and Splash Damage.

Here, lead producer Mike Sanders explains what it means to have released on Valve's platform, how the team is organised, and how he thinks Steamworks could lead to a development revolution.

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