PixelatedGirl Mirror's Edge Photoshoot

The Start Screen writes:

"I know what you're thinking: Another girl taking photos just to get attention. You'd be surprised to know how down to earth this girl is. The photoshoots she has done so far are really tasteful and express her love for things gaming/geeky. Who am I talking about? The pixelated girl herself, Jannica."

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Kouppa3566d ago

The girl playing faith looks beautiful great video

fossilfern3565d ago

If only all girls where Asian:( cuz she is amazing

ambientFLIER3565d ago

That would be bad, because not all of us like asian girls.

TheTwelve3565d ago

...long ago already. Trust me, I remember. :)


Ahmay3565d ago

she didn't get good comments... she isn't the faith i'm looking for but i really appreciate ppl doing cosplay!!

Ahmay3565d ago

i didnt bother looking at the videos, but did she hop over buildings?

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