New Infamous PS3 Trailer from NYCC

The trailer is titled "Powers" and shows the protagonist using his electricity-charged attacks to take on some never-before-seen giant enemies slated to appear later in the game. He also uses acrobatic abilities and an electrically-generated hovering ability to scale the sides of tall structures no mere mortal man could ever ascend.

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C_SoL3594d ago

getting it now. My nephews will enjoy this game a lot. But damn, its been pushed back to June?

O well SFIV, KZ2 and whatever between now and June will keep me busy for awhile.

ThanatosDMC3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Nope, im still not interested in the game. Looks like pistol pistol throw a nade... spam the nade... give me some innovative power not something that can be identified as a gun!

Hover power seems nice... but c'mon they should have let him fly! His electric body repulsing the metal and other elements on the ground should be enough justification for that!

Giriath3593d ago

That's the duplicate story. This was published an hour prior to that.

-EvoAnubis-3593d ago

Look at the times. That one was published first. This one came about 45 minutes later.

dericb113594d ago

This trailer does look awesome and it shows new power I have not seen before. That power being the one where he used them to float for a second. I can't wait for this and now we know the PS3 has a great 2009 ahead of it.

xabmol3594d ago

Platforming and more, lots more.

Sucker Punch just earned my 60 bucks. Wonder if there will be some preorder bonuses?

Rhythmattic3594d ago

I wasn't interested at all in this game, but having seen this video and the one from the other day, my perception has totally changed.

I'm not totally convinced, yet , but Its definitely on my radar.

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The story is too old to be commented.