What's so bad about XP?

Cnet writes:

In an interview with Computerworld UK, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had some interesting things to say about the enterprise and its desire to keep Windows XP instead of switching to Vista.

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Cool Hwhip3566d ago

Nothing,that's why it remains the most popular OS.

DelbertGrady3566d ago

I remember when Vista was just released and everyone was hyped about it's flashy looks and other things that don't matter in the long run. My friends asked me why I had not installed it and when I replied that I thought it seemed like nothing but a 'waste of memory' they looked at me like I was a UNIX freak or something.

Still running XP SP3. Microsoft should have kept improving and supporting it instead of abandoning the best OS they have ever conceived. Bad move.

badz1493566d ago

but when you have quite a PC or laptop, Vista is really not that bad of a choice! I have a PC running vista and I love it. it's actually a PC I upgraded from my 2004 PC running XP! I think, many complaints about Vista aside from the compatibility is when you don't have a proper rig to run it. I think it was the same when XP arrived, it run smoother on P4 PC compared to the older PC running P3 or P2!

Filet of Children3566d ago

That's cool and all, and I'm glad you like it, but one shouldn't need "quite a PC or laptop" to run a bloody operating system smoothly.

badz1493566d ago

but that's what most companies do! they want you to move on a.k.a buy a new rig or hardware to enjoy latest technology. I think that's the point of Vista. they really wanted to drag people who are still hanging on to old PCs! but they may have made some missteps in the process where Vista is not as fast as it should be and with all the compatibility problems and crashing problems and so's like Win ME all over again just not THAT bad! I don't think the "Vista Plan" went as well as they wanted it to be but hey, Windows 7 is here and I think people can or will appreciate it more considering they are now at least have a PC that should've run Vista flawlessly! at least, Vista prepares a good enough cushion for 7's comfort later on!

FinalFantasyFanatic3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Personally I think Vista is a horrible choice, mainly because there was a big jump in specs required to run it in comparison to older OS'. Ever tried working on a Vista laptop with only 512Mbs of RAM? Bloody annoying when your asked to repair them and it's worse when the owner decides to have a 100 programs running at startup. I've used Vista at when I was at TAFE for half a year and the Vista computer at home was only turned on 3 times despite being the strongest in the house. In the end, the TAFE reverted back to XP because there were too many hassles with Vista, although they stuck with office 2008 though since it was only the ribbon that people had trouble with.

In the end I believe that Vista was a failure, especially when you need a high end pc to run it at a decent pace. Although I'm thankful that it made alot of hardware (e.g. Ram, CPUs) cheaper, now I wish people would stop installing it on under speced laptops and desktops.

In the meantime I'll use XP for my PC and build a new one when Windows 7 is released or not long after it.

FantasyStar3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

From a business POV. It's easier to stick to XP and continue supporting it than move onto Vista, or Win7 because the cost it takes to upgrade the hardware, update the server files, set up terminals, re-establish the multiple VPNs in the WAN, re-train the employees, re-certify the on-site server admins, and most importantly: Streamlining the workflow.

I predict that if Win7 does take off: it'll be 4 years after debut before you see the private business sector pick up on that. Right now, businesses aren't in the mood to "start over" with their software because it takes years to develop specialized programs: a critical point against Vista. Businesses will take the "wait and see" approach and put practicalities before wishful thinking this time around with Win7.

urban bohemian3566d ago

2.66ghz duo, 2gb ddr3 ram, gtx280, 150gb raptor drive, in a coolermaster cosmos.

I built this relatively cheaply (using ebay) but still found I had no money left over for an OS. I decided to install windows 7 as its free and was blown away by it. Its beautiful, very stable and fast and is not a big drain on resources. Compared to running vista its a dream and I can even play Crysis Warhead @ 1080p full settings. I really think 7 is going to take off in a big way and is definately the best OS I have ever used, and its still in it beta!

FantasyStar3566d ago

/[email protected] 280GTX & DDR3 RAM. You might want 4GBs eventually.

FinalomegaS3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

3.0ghz 4gb ram ( ddr2),NVIDIA SLI 2x 8700MGT (G84) SLI,300gig, vista ultimate, that my laptop and I can't say I have really any problems playing high end games.

If that's your desktop, that's sweet. I was thinking of building one also and use win7... still not sure, might run warhammer online ( RVR is crazy) much more smooth. I want to see someones set up first before jumping into it. Vista just made me paranoid.

YouNoob3566d ago

nobody has mentioned the ps3 or killzone2 yet. what's up fony girls, still asleep?

Antan3566d ago

"what's up fony girls, still asleep?"

No, you beat them to it.

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