Zoning in on Perfection: Killzone 2 Developer Hones in on the Perfect Shooter

For everyone at Amsterdam's Guerilla Games, the hardest part about developing Sony Playstation 3 shooter Killzone 2 wasn't meeting some impossibly short production cycle big companies usually impose on sequels - it was the exact opposite. With Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reluctant to rush the follow-up to 2004's Playstation 2 title about a future interplanetary conflict between warring human factions develop, Guerilla spent the next four years building on the world they envisioned and utilizing the beefed-up processors and Blu-ray fuelled PS3 to execute that vision. After such a long time tweaking and improving and tweaking again, it's not surprising the development team found it hard to let go.

"That's a very difficult thing, especially for all the creatives here," says Steve Ter Heide, senior producer for Killzone 2 and Guerilla co-founder. "They're never completely satisfied or done with it."

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Beg For Mercy3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

i can say this after the playing the demo a lot, it definitely feels like no other first person shooter i have ever played in a good way trust me i have played all the best from halo and call of duty series. Firing a weapon in the game is the most satisfying i have experienced in my life.

LinuxGuru3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

That website really needs to do some research, as all mentions of the 360 are poorly placed and irrelevant to the timeframe of a Halo 2 / Killzone 1 comparison.


"After an eye-popping marketing campaign featuring posters playing on a Second World War-style propaganda style and trailers powered by British actor Brian Cox's rich voice work, the original Killzone was seen as a tentpole title for Sony in 2004. The game was billed as a "Halo-killer" and aggressively positioned against competitor Microsoft's Xbox 360 flagship franchise, which at the time was releasing its second game and first for the 360-going to retail the same week in November that year.

The end results were drastically different. Halo 2 was almost universally acclaimed-helping push countless units of the then-new Xbox 360 console-while reviews were mixed at best for Killzone. "


They said that Halo 2 was the second in the Halo series (correct), but then proceeded to say it was the first of the series on the Xbox 360 (incorrect).

They got the release of the 360 off by one whole year, and therefore totally effed-up an entire section of their article.

Shame, shame.

LinuxGuru3595d ago

A disagree? You must be joking, right? LOL!

Rmagnus3595d ago

its easier to hide behind a disagree button