Mac clone maker wins legal round against Apple

Computerworld writes:

A federal judge last week ruled that Psystar Corp. can continue its countersuit against Apple Inc., giving the Mac clone maker a rare win in its seven-month-old battle with Apple.

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Handsome_Devil3569d ago

they clone, and yet they are allowed to sue the company they cloned!!!

if thats the case, what kind of judge is this ?

Rhythmattic3569d ago

Wow. Just Wow.

PsyStar Wars"The Clone Wars"

BrianC62343569d ago

What I want to know is who wants to buy a Mac clone? I remember when there were legal Mac clones and they just weren't as good as the real thing. And lets say you buy a Mac clone. Apple has no reason to make sure their software runs properly on it so then you're stuck with a computer that has poor support.

Cryos3569d ago

they're contending that they should be able to sell PCs with the Mac operating system on it. That by purchasing and installing OSX onto the machines, they are doing nothing wrong, and by sueing them, Apple is breaching copywrite and fair use laws.

personally, I hope they win. Apple should be supporting this movement and trying to push their OS as much as possible. I would love to see an honest to goodness challenger to M$'s dominance in that market.

True, Apple may lose part of their hardware market if it comes to pass, but the upside is liscensing on Millions of PCs, optimized specs for the OS, more driver and software support, and more exposure to leverage their other hardware divisions. M$ has proven that Software is where the real money is.

_Q_3569d ago

I ddnt see that one coming. Im figuring the judge ddnt like MACs...I dont blame him..I hate those arrogant ass commercials...

the gist of it is this. Apple owns and builds every part of their product. What Psystar was doing was building computers compatible with MAC OS and selling them preloaded for a lil cheaper than MAC theselves. Apple of course quickly tried to put a stop to this. Psystar's argument is that MAC has a monopoly of some sorts. I dont know how psystar convinced a judge that MAC has a monopoly on their own products but this should be an interesting battle.

Monkey5213569d ago

I know what you mean. Where did they find a judge to listen to this crap anyways? If psystar licensed the software (LEGALLY), there wouldn't be an issue. How can you countersue a company that you illegally took their software and made it standard on your own hardware?

somekindofmike3569d ago

This is madness.

Apple have made OS X and presumably this company is distributing it without there permission.

If Honda make a great engine, which they do. Would hyundia be allowed to build a car and then stick in a Honda engine and sell it without Honda's approval? It's just nonsense.

Same can be said with Microsoft being sued because they only include Internet Explorer with windows, and don't competing companies web browsers! If microsoft go through the expense of developing there own OS why should they be forced to include a competitive product bundled with the OS? it's not like the stop you from installing the competitors Browser? but why should MS have to give it to you?