Blend Games NYCC: inFamous Hands-On Preview

Blend Games writes: "A game that promises as much as inFamous - the opportunity to be a super hero in an enormous open-world - is sure to make gamers wary of disappointment but there's little to indicate that inFamous won't live up to its vast potential.

While I like to think of myself as a hardened game journalist, the idea of an open-ended super hero game turns me into an irrational fanboy. The combination of an open game environment, where you can do anything, and a super hero main character, who really CAN do anything, seems like it could result in a remarkable game. When I saw Crackdown, I thought, "Wow, I need an Xbox 360." In much the same way, I think people will look at inFamous and say, 'Wow, I need a PS3.'"

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