Massively: The Daily Grind: Why do they beg?

Massively writes:

"In just about every MMO you play, you'll find one. They crowd around auction houses, inns, and pretty much any place where players like to concentrate in large numbers. Some like to whisper, some ask in local, some beg in trade, some yell to the entire zone - but they're essentially all the same - they want you to give them your money. Most of the time, the request is made via broken, crappy English (at least we think it's English) that would be best left on a cell phone - if that. Sure, they get money sometimes, but they also get put on permanent ignore, yelled at, cursed at, spat at, and more. So why do you think they do it? Just trying to get cash easily, or are they getting some enjoyment out of annoying the hell out of other players? Why do you think people beg?"

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