Gamefly Charts Topped by PS3 Title for First Time writes:

"For the first time in the history of the Gamefly charts, a PS3 exclusive title has taken sole possession of the top spot.

For the week of February 9, 2009, Killzone 2 takes the top spot on the cross-platform Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Following close behind is Street Fighter IV (PS3/Xbox 360). House of the Dead: Overkill is at the top of the Nintendo Wii Queue as well...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested lists:"

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pswi603567d ago

b but but I thought everyone was supposed to believe Edge that this game is only 7/10????

looks like Edge is not only the joke of the internet, but the joke of newsstands as well...

cmrbe3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

are elitist bastards. That's why i hate them. Not so much their scores. Anyone that reads their reviews knows that they are full of themselves and have lost touch with common gamers.

@XXZ. Believe it or not there was a time when EDGE was good. Now. I wonder if they are actually reviewing games for gamers or just trying show how arty they are with their reviews. It's a complete mess.

XxZxX3567d ago

cmrbe, edge shouldnt be hated, they should be ignored. When a thing is worthless, that's nothing to hate.

3567d ago
Tarasque3567d ago

Well i for one canceled my pre order and put it on my gamefly list after playing the demo, seems alot of people are doing the same.

Sasanova3567d ago

QUICK SOMEONE CALL EDGE!!! lol garbage ass magazine

sofresh2003567d ago

MGS4 never did this?? Looks like this game will sell big.


It looks like its due to the influx of new PS3 owners to me.

edwineverready3567d ago

you are a sad little man. i think you don't even own a ps3. your comments on this game have been negative. i am happy you are not buying the game one less whiner online.

The Dude3567d ago


Same here I canceled my preorder after playing the KZ2 demo then added to my gamefly queue, definitely a rental ony.

Kushan3566d ago

I hope you guys realise that Killzone 2 isn't the only game Edge has "underrated". In fact, that's half the appeal to the Magazine, they're extremely harsh critics (usually).
Personally, I don't go near the mag either, but that's only because I never take any heed to a game's score. One of my favourite games of all time has a metacritic rating of 80 - nothing exceptional, but it's still MY favourite game of all time, I enjoyed it immensely and that's all that really matters in the end.
Don't waste your energy hating others that have a difference of opinion to you, it's not worth your time. Just play games and enjoy them.

GrandTheftZamboni3566d ago

1 UP, your trolling skills have improved.

You don't copy/paste anymore. This post almost looks like an honest opinion.

Slinkey3566d ago

I'm pretty sure we can put edge in with the other taboo gaming items (vgchartz for example :P)

prowiew3566d ago

What does Edge have to do with this news? But maybe people are gonna rent it now since they read the edge review.

People should and need to buy killzone

dantesparda3566d ago

Tara, your 360 fanboy, PS3 hating @ss is full of sh!t, nobody believes your fake @ss, your intentions have always been to hate on the game. And The Dude (another big time 360 fanboy, PS3 hating moron), thats funny cuz i never even downloaded the Halo Wars demo, or would buy that sh!t or would even put it in my game queue. So whats that say about that game?

And i think that people need to buy the game, not rent it

Bordel_19003566d ago


Yeah, I have both those morons on ignore, must be a reason for it. Those guys never had a PS3, they're just trolls.

dantesparda3566d ago

Maybe I should put all these d!ckheads on my ignore list. But i dont ignore anybody. If i have a problem with somebody then i just tell 'em. But i really am getting sick of reading their sh!t. So maybe i should start ignoring.

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sonarus3567d ago

*cries* i have dreamed of this day lol

That is pretty impressive though. This is perhaps the first true sign with which i can say KZ2 is going to be a whopping success. Accomplishing a feat even my precious MGS4 couldn't do

NaiNaiNai3567d ago

yep the fact that more people want to rent the game then buy it, >.> sure is a success. XD

celldomceen13567d ago

maybe the want to rent the game then buy it. Better than if they did neither.

XxZxX3567d ago

nai = short for denial. Check the pre-order lately?

NaiNaiNai3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

ahhh sony fans can't take a joke. XD "go take a look at the pre-order" go look at halo 3 sells. T_T same difference, doesn't make it a great amazing game as you guys say. ROFL

@ below

1.1 million pre-orders

tahts its, nothing more. thats sad, thats lik 1/12 of the people who own a ps3 in eroupe. T_T game sure is great huh.

Liquid Snake3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

do what i did guys, just put trolls like NaiNaiNai, Why Dis, Jason 360, Bladestar and Foxgod on your ignore lists.

Life will feel so much better.

Aclay3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

"yep the fact that more people want to rent the game then buy it, >.> sure is a success. XD
-nai- "

The only people that I think will be renting Killzone 2 first are people that didn't really like the controls or how the game felt and it's slower pace.

Pretty much everyone else that played the Killzone 2 Beta and people that loved the Demo are going to be buying Killzone 2 day one, and the 1.1 million pre-orders in Europe alone is just a testament to that.

sonarus3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Actually gamefly does a pretty good job of estimating the demand for a title. Title in high demand usually means title with high sales

Halo 3, Gears 2 and all the top selling 360 games all topped gamefly charts

XxZxX3567d ago

mr denial, yeah man, the games is great. falling back to your HALO 3 fort eh.
What is sadder, u tell me
1. Spend $40 million on advertising and price cut to make HALO 3 millions seller.
2. Spend average on advertising and no price cut and still make Killzone 2 millions seller.

Well #1 seems to be all marketing hype there. Kinda remind me of AS SEEN ON TV stuff. That's really sad.

dznutz003566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

yep the fact that more people want to rent the game then buy it, >.> sure is a success.

i thought the same this at first but.....

i may be wrong but doesn't gamefly have to purchases the games in order to rent them out just like any other place?

i mean really do u think they get free copys

Rmagnus3566d ago

Trolls ran out of games to play?

N4Garbage3566d ago


Gamefly isn't a consumer so its copies of games that it receives doesn't count as sales.

Gamefly is a big enough company to get games shipped to them as if they were a retail store but instead they rent.

You can buy games from Gamefly which I'm sure they keep track of and send the #'s off to data trackers and publishers.

dznutz003566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

si what ur tryin to tell me that GG and Sony wouldnt count this as a sale.... Really even tho the sold it at the same price....

im sorry but i dont get paid by Sony or GG so i dont care that much but to say that it doesnt count as a sale just because they rent it is kinda dumb....
im sure as hell gamefly pays the same as wal-mart for the game the only diffrence is that gamefly makes more money on the games they buy

edit: lastly if i the consumer go in to say gamestop and by a used game u dont count it and GG and Sony dont get paid but if gamefly buys it and rents it u still dont count it even tho GG and sony do get paid

(this argument goes for any game one any system)

NaiNaiNai3565d ago

no Gamefly doesn't count because of the fact that they are not being sold to a gamer. >.> so 1 copy of the game can go to 50+ gamers. do you really think gamefly is going to have as many copys of the game as gamers. not to mention that people have to wait till the other gamers return the game when ever they feel like it. >.> thats why you can't judge there numbers for crap.

dznutz003565d ago

Wow just wow

a sale is a sale

not to mention that people that rent games dont take care of the games so gamefly would have to replace the games at some point

but hey if u wanna turn a positive into a negative be my guest

NaiNaiNai3565d ago

and now you run off into fanboy pull BS out of your @55, why not just except it. gamefly is not going to buy 1 million copys of the game. they would spend close to 30 million even if they got the game at half price. T_T they won't do it, they will buy close to 150,000-250,000 copys of the game if that. they will be spending a budget. and the fact of the game being damaged, your looking into the future. i mean we could go look at how many total rents halo 3 has. T_T or other high class game. come on stop trying to spin to your advantage. i point out all the facts and you try and add some BS that makes no sense for what was started here.

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Skyreno3567d ago

lol Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AriesFury3567d ago

Soon an article will come out saying that the PS3 is doomed, again.

Cool Hwhip3567d ago

Cinemablend,Examiner,Hardcorec hristiangaming,anotherpointless unknownwebsitelookingforhits,ga mestooge,be on the lookout for such an article from one of these biased sources.

WildArmed3566d ago

lol its kinda sad that good news is followed by bad news.

Im glad a ps3 game finally hit it up there.
Im sure 360 and PS3 will be trading places more often as time goes on.

Oh yea.. cant forget about wii.. once another good game comes out after brawl o_o

Cool Hwhip3567d ago

Note to Sony;Start promoting this damn game via Ads,do it like,NOW.