Dead Rising Wii shows 100 zombies in one screen

Gamekyo writes:

"Dead Rising : Chop Till You Drop comes back with a new video that shows the capacity of the Wii to generate simultaneously 100 zombies on screen. Good new I guess for all the Wii gamers."

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Smacktard3594d ago

In a short driving (minigame?) sequence.

Where there are only two types of zombies.

And they don't move.


hay3593d ago

Wow, and it's like... 15 seconds of driving...

BRG90003593d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this thing was posted sarcastically? I.e. it's on n4g to be funny and not actually impressive? It sets you up to expect something better, but displaying 100 still objects with distance fading practically right in front of your face is hardly impressive for N64 or PS1.

I think most posters here just missed the sarcasm/irony the contributor was aiming for.

GiantEnemyCrab3593d ago

Ugh, Capcom way to ruin this great potential franchise. I loved the original and hate to see it whored out like this but that's the business I guess.

I will continue to play the original classic and might rent DR2 but looks like it's going to get the multiplatform meat grinder treatment as well.

Xander-RKoS3593d ago

If the actual game has the variety of zombies (that move and stuff) then maybe some will be forgiven...but Capcom, as a Wii owner who loves to play it everyday...don't try to sell us crap and call is cupcakes, okay?

CobraKai3593d ago

Wow. This looks lame. I know he's in a mall and all, but does he have to run over mannequins.

jkoz3593d ago

It's a Wii title. Understand that it would be too mean to run over real zombies.

WildArmed3593d ago

lol @ jk

But I guess this is good news..
If you wanna.. im not even gonna go there >_>
Please dont embrass yourself capcom

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The story is too old to be commented.