Lens of Truth: Killzone 2 STA14 Head Shots (720p Video)

Lens of Truth writes, "If you haven't heard, Killzone 2 will be sporting some ultra violent head shots. We got to sample a bit of the carnage in the demo. What really looks cool is the character reactions when they get tagged in the head. Sometimes they take a few staggering steps then fall, other times they are instantly brought to their knees. But not all weapons will have this effect on the Helgiest, only certain high powered weapons such as the STA14 single shot rifle."

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Jager3593d ago

Those where nothing, i got a headshot on a Helghan, took off his head, his body pulled the trigger of his assault rifle, fired around 10 rounds, and set off a canister. Canister flys, hits a Helghan, and boom. Helghan flys 8 feet and hits a wall, blood splatters over the wall. Best thing i ever seen in a video game... damn i need a video capture card for this stuff lmao.

xabmol3592d ago

Ever shoot a red gas tank and have it rocket across the floor at 2 Higgs, blowing them up just after they shot at me. Then the bullets, missing me, hit one of the long red tanks causing it to spin around and fly towards another Higgy like a helicopter. I love them gas/propane tanks.

ArthurLee3593d ago

Pretty sick video, I gotta try that rightdare.

Baron793592d ago

The lighting looks sick, especially in HD. Pretty nice shootin too.

tatsujin3592d ago

and its not the final product, the final products quality is much MUCH better in graphics.

ArthurLee3592d ago

Hard to believe you but I do! I really can't wait to see it.

darkdoom30003592d ago

Yeah, the demo is the 2008 build (says in title screen) people have stated the retail version looks better.

rev203592d ago

The difference between the demo and the final game is small there is no great improvement in the visuals.

There already great as they are.

RudeSole Devil3592d ago

Your should check this video out. There have been some improvements from the demo.

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Meus Renaissance3592d ago

Skills. Trust me, it's harder than it looks because of the aim "weight"

Mr Tretton3592d ago

I'm so glad I got skills.

Gobuz3592d ago

You said it right there my friend "skill" I'm looking forward to this as there is no more baby auto aim, players will really have to earn them badges.

Bring the skill back to FPS. When you get a headshot it will mean something.

olivia3592d ago

rudesole your right it does like alot better than the demo onreal

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