Guerilla Games: KillZone 2 Promotional/Review Copies Will Not Work Online

Motherh666, the Q&A manager for Guerilla Games, is well known to be an active member on the Official PlayStation forums. However, when he had heard that promotional copies (non-retail) were being sold on eBay, he dropped a bombshell to those who spent hundreds in getting the game early. KillZone 2 has two separate servers, one for the retail copy - which is yet to go online, and another exclusively for promotional and review copies.

He emphasises that at no point will those who buy these promotional copies be able to access the online multiplayer the rest will be playing on, in essence, spending hundreds on half a game.

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Meus Renaissance3232d ago

I would avoid buying it from a non-retail source personally. Not worth the risk, even if the prices are reasonable

hay3232d ago

The first retail copy surfaced on ebay wasn't priced reasonably :D
Although review copies of the games are nice collection pieces.

joemayo763232d ago

yea wasn't really surprised by this, i guess gettin the game early comes at a price (other than the insane sale price on eBay)

off-topic: anyone else find that vader pic funny :)

aswan3232d ago

that sucks for them, they should have waited besides its stupid paying hundreds of dollars on one game only

GameGambits3232d ago

Lol those guys got Killzowned!

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The story is too old to be commented.