Microsoft Makes #7 on Marketing Disasters List has recently launched an article showing the top 10 biggest marketing failures of all time. The memorible moment of The Windows 98 press release made #7 on this list. The article goes on to state:
" Bill Gates was a good sport, chuckling and saying, "That must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet."

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joemutt4304d ago

These are not marketing disasters, they are things that were not under their control.

If someone buys a bottle of tylenol, replaces the pills with poison, and puts it back on the shelf for someone else to buy, I dont think you can blame the marketing department.

McDonalds, Coca Cola, I dont think these companies are hurting that bad from any of this. How about a disaster that actually had an affect on the company.

kornbeaner4303d ago

not controlable except for Coca-Cola.
Because they actually changed the taste of their product to try to compete with Pepsi. While the product itself was not a failure that particular marketing ploy was.

My personal favorite was the honda bot. They move the wall in front of it like thats gonna change the fact that it acutally happened.

BrotherSic4302d ago

New Coke was actually a huge success for Coke Cola.

When the pubic demanded 'original' Coke back, it raised revenue nearly double the cost of making and marketing 'New' Coke.

Also what was interesting about 'New' Coke was that they taste tested the new flavour on a huge amount of people who vastly preferred the new taste. I guess mob mentality rules and it can become 'cool' to hate certain products.

TheMART4304d ago

What's that nr. 1 large black thing...

The PS3 that is on fire? Does it get THAT hot???

kornbeaner4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

what is it again.

At launch 360 4.5 attach rate
At Launch PS3 1.5 attach rate

Yeah that sounds about right.

Wait how bout this one. I don't have one yet(cause i stay in europe) and can still talk about somthing I know nothing about.

Nah, At launch sounds better.

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4303d ago

"the top 10 worst gaffes, flops, and disasters in the history of American marketing and advertising" not how they preformed afterwards.

Microsoft did "make" (copy) windows and touted it as more stable, thats why its a gaffe, if I make a product & it fails to preform how I said it would surely it's my fault.

As for theMART I didn't see a mention of the PS3 in the article so your comments have no place here.

grifter0244303d ago

These things are crazzy and funny... The zeplin one and the elephant were pretty messed up .... The Calvin klein one was really creepy .. march.. I thought this was about the xbox360 though.. Since this a gaming website but guess not crazy thought..

ALIEN4303d ago

Man! that was hella funny. stupid @ss Robot

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