IGN: Street Fighter IV Preview: Sagat

Sagat is one of the longest-running characters in the Street Fighter universe, as he appears in the very first Street Fighter game as the final boss and has shown up in subsequent titles ever since. As an incredibly tall fighter, Sagat makes use of his imposing build in the ring, giving his kicks an impressive reach. According to Sagat's character profile, his loss against Ryu (from the original Street Fighter) not only scarred his chest but instilled a great amount of emotion in him, making Ryu a significant rival.

Sagat also has connections with Dan, as it was Dan's father, Go, who took Sagat's eye before Sagat killed him in a match. As is the case with many of the other classic characters, Sagat still knows his techniques from the early Street Fighter games and he can be a brutal fighter in the ring.

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