Eurogamer: FEAR 2: Project Origin Review

Eurogamer writes: "If you grabbed me in a bar and asked me what was memorably new in FEAR 2 (I'm not using the bloody full stops), that's all I'd be able to come up with. While it's a rock-solid corridor shooter, the lasting impression is one of a woeful lack of inspiration. There's plenty of stuff to talk about but nothing that demands to be discussed over a drink with friends. The most interesting thing about FEAR 2 is the history of its development - Monolith's split with Vivendi, leaving the former without the name, working on a game with the key cast, propagating another title ("Project Origin"), buying the name back when it seemed Vivendi didn't want to make a sequel after all and... Oh, it's quite the epic, exciting saga. Unlike this".

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Chris3993569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

They think it's better than Killzone 2.


I pegged this one for a rental anyhow.

No FanS Land3569d ago

I thought the exact same thing XD.

JokesOnYou3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"In other words, I found the experience of playing the game to be simultaneously exhilarating and depressing. The smallest fundamental parts - such as the combat - work. But on a higher level, alienation grows as the game becomes a chain of well-worn genre standards. I found myself thinking the back-handed compliment, "Well, at least I haven't done a gun-turret bit yet." Then, predictably, one turned up. Every time I started a new level I ended up wondering whether this one would be the moving-platform-train-bit. Surely it would arrive eventually? And it did."

-A 5/10 it can't be that bad can it?...well at least its multiplat so I don't know what the conspiracy theory related to this game would be.


MNicholas3569d ago

I can't believe this game is really that bad. In fact, Eurogamer says that anyone who hasn't played FPS games constantly for many years will probably like it alot. Just like Edge's Killzone 2 review, this review of Fear 2 is a disservice to gamers.

Filet of Children3569d ago

Yeah... It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that they give a 5/10 to a game that they repeatedly point out is very "solid".

That said, this is the perfect example of why it's best to read the text of a review rather than just the score. Seems like this shooter will be just dandy for anyone who is a fan of... well... shooters.

XxZxX3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Jokesonyou, enjoy Fear 2 while we played Killzone. Hahha poor guy. Too bad the jokes on you now. Gheeesh is that all the fps games for XBOX fanboy in february.

Filet: in that case, every games will be a good games. Just take the pro and forget about the con. Nice going

Filet of Children3569d ago

I don't know if you didn't read the review or if you just didn't read my post, friend. I'm saying that the chief complaint in the review is that FEAR2 is more of the same. I get that it's an issue, but I don't get how it's one that should knock 50% off the score.

If you need to bash any game that isn't KZ2 though, I guess that's your right. I can afford more than one game this month though.

sonarus3569d ago

Well i thought the demo was crap or average at best. The high scores surprised me personally

CrazzyMan3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

So, EDGE was wrong after all or EG is wrong? =))

I know for sure, who is right - GAMER. :)

Anyway, it will be interesting to see more Fear 2 reviews, if it`s average score will fall below average, then this will mean, that EDGE lost/has no taste.
Otherwise, this all thing is just an OPINIONS after all. You may like game or may not, dicide by yourself.

All, what can i say, it would be very stupid for a TRUE gamer not to play/try most hyped and most impressive FPS game this gen - Killzone 2.
Not sure about fear 2, unless you really liked the demo. Then probably both games should be a rental for you. But i would recommend play fear 2 before KZ2. =))

p.s. JOY, i`m looking forward to your comments about KZ2 after you get played FULL version of the game and try brilliant Multiplayer. See ya in 3 weeks. :)

JokesOnYou3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

lmfao, just because I don't wet my pants over KZ2 or cry to momma 'cause some site didn't give it a 10 doesn't mean I won't be playing the game for myself, FPS is my favorite genre, if I didn't work so damm much I'd probably have more time to play at least all of the decent ones, but given my time for gaming is limited these days I'm forced to be picky, eventually I will play Fear2 also.

"Too bad the jokes on you now." -hmmm, oh OK, I see what you did there, awww gosh you used my name and NOW the jokes on me, really? that was very very clever on your part, you're a literary genius ha ha....uhm what are you 5? I bet you were screaming as you typed that, lmfao kids.


Doppy3569d ago


I thought the demo was pretty good at least 8/10.

XxZxX3569d ago

Jokesonyou, how am I screaming when we're all having good jokes on you. LOL. I can see you're the one who piss now, I can see i get into you until you calling me 5 years old kid. That's right the 5 year kids that having great jokes on you. haha

MNicholas3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"more of the same" is a bad reason to give a bad review. Doing so contradicts previous reviews such as Halo3, Gears 2, and COD5 which are all utterly unoriginal and strong candidates for the "most more-of-the-same game award" but still received high scores.

Fear 2 is probably a perfectly decent game. 5/10 is too low score a for a decent game. Similarly, 7/10 by edge for a truly standout game like killzone 2 is also terribly off-base. Such ridiculous "scoring" has a greater negative effect on consumer's perception of the reviewer than the game.

Danja3569d ago

I enjoyed the really can't be that still gonna buy this game ne ways MP should still be fun...

SL1M DADDY3569d ago

While it is not near as good as Killzone 2 in regards to graphics and gameplay, it is a good game and worth far more than a 5. I would give it an 8. Of course, this is just from the demo I played but since I loved the first "real" FEAR, this one can only be as good or better and the demo alone showed me enough to buy the game day one.

himdeel3569d ago

...because I played the demo and I felt it had the makings of a good game. Either way I wonder if the review would've been different if it was reviewed before Killzone 2.

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Gerry Mark II3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I bet PP (aka killzone2flop) will be happy with this review, since he thinks Fear2 is better.

50 - Eurogamer
83 - Game Informer
80 - GamePro
80 - Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
75 - Official Xbox Magazine
80 - PC Zone UK

I predict an 75 metascore.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

It was o.k the Demo(Fear 2), but played it once and Deleted it.
I did Play 'KillZone 2' Demo 5 Million times tho!!! ;-P
(And i'm keeping that Demo forever!!!) ;)

360_Rules3569d ago

I didn't pre-order my copy of Killzone 2 so I can't play the demo but on the 26th I am and I see if this game is really good. The Fear 2 demo is really good. Euro gamer is a bunch of Sony fanboys. Their reviews are rubbish.

Filet of Children3569d ago

Why would you keep a demo once you've bought the game? :/

XxZxX3569d ago

poor 360_rules, that's all i have to say.

Helghast Slayer3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Yeah EDGE, still believe you don't look stupid now?

Fear 2 review scores:
50 - Eurogamer
83 - Game Informer
80 - GamePro
80 - Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
75 - Official Xbox Magazine
80 - PC Zone UK

Well it's safe to say Killzone 2 has set the fps standard way to high that anything played after it will feel the burn.Fear 2 is as generic as it gets.

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Beg For Mercy3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

the xbox following had to contend with killzone2, sorry xbox fans not gonna happe, burn xbox burn youll pay for your sins

Raoh3569d ago

so the game is really like a 7 or an 8 then?

eurogamer gives terrible scores out..

they are near the bottom of my list of sites i rely on for scores

callahan093569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I think Eurogamer are usually pretty accurate with my opinion. The only stand-out discrepancy for me was MGS4, which I'd have to give a 10, and they gave an 8. Other than that, they're almost always pretty close in line with my opinion. Edit: And Folklore. That's one of my all-time favorite games (no joke). 5 out of 10 was low, in my opinion. But, they're usually pretty good, for me. I've never found a single review source that always gave every game the same score as I would give it.