GayGamer: Sound Off: Killzone 2 Demo (Impressions)

GayGamer writes: "It's a rare thing when literally every pal on my PS3 buddy list is playing the same game, let alone a demo. But that's exactly what happened this weekend. To call the Killzone 2 demo a watershed moment for Sony's mammoth console is an understatement. Attracting more attention than any other demo this generation, the eyes of all gamers are all focused on Killzone 2's first public outing, wondering if all the waiting and CG trailer controversies were worth the wait."

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HighDefinition3443d ago

Short shirts, towels and Police siren noises. Killzone 2 is here.

s8anicslayer3443d ago

not just yet!little less then 3 weeks left,it seems like the hype is starting to wind down and sony shouldn't let that happen.where are the kz2 ads or commercials?

zdudynot3443d ago

theres no site called heterosexualgamer is there?
why exprees that u r gay, seriously wise up.

TOSgamer3443d ago

I assume its to differentiate themselves from other sites. But yeah pretty retarded if you ask me.

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