Left 4 Dead DLC detailed: Survival Mode for 12 maps

A few details on the Survival Pack DLC for Valve's multiplayer zombie shooter Left 4 Dead have squeaked out following its cryptic announcement last week.

A new Survival mode will see "up to four player set records for the longest time surviving hordes of zombies on over 12 maps," according to word from GameTrailers TV.

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king dong3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

i've got some points on the 360. i wont mind spending them on this.

free2game3653450d ago

Pretty sure this stuff will be free at least it should be free on the PC. MS doesn't like devs giving away stuff without charging I think.

Horny3450d ago

basically like horde in GeOW2.
should be fun I just hope it comes to the 360 the same time as the pc version and hopefully MS wont overprice it.

IaMs123449d ago

They already said it will come at the same time so no worries:) well who knows if there will be a delay but thats what they said lol I just hope these maps are new areas, never before seen. Some familiar but at least new ones.

ThanatosDMC3449d ago

Funny thing is, they all ready have a mod out for never ending zombies. No breaks too... just lots and lots of weapons till you die.

BI0RAPTOR3450d ago

Sounds like it will be a lot of fun & hopefully a lot of blood & guts,Good Hunting.

rev203450d ago

Love this game but i need some new content ive done everything on the game apart from kill 53,345 zombies.

ftwps33450d ago

Well you better get on that.

beowolf283450d ago

can not wait hopefully it is free

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