Flower on PS3 - blurring the lines between gaming and art


"Flower is coming to the PS3 by way of the PSN on February 12. And this is an important game because it acts as a kind of contrast to the Gears of War, Killzone 2 ethos of design where everything is gray and miserable. In fact, Flower blurs the lines between gaming and art.

Gaming is, of course, an art form to a certain extent. But in the same way that some movies are more arty than others, and television and music is the same, video games can go one of two ways: art or entertainment. Flower, the new game from thatgamecompany manages to sit comfortably between the two, but definitely could be regarded as art in its own unique way."

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zerox5053594d ago

am i the only guy commenting here...or does nobody even care about this game?