1UP: God of War 3 Blowout on 2.13.09 at 9:00 AM PST

Remember in 1988 when Kirk Gibson, injured, hit a game-winning World Series home run? This will be kind of like that.

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HighDefinition3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )


"Remember in 1988 when Kirk Gibson, injured, hit a game-winning World Series home run? This will be kind of like that"

Can I get a what, what.

Insta-smile there.

TOO PAWNED3567d ago

Hmm i am not American and don't know about american football, so can someone translate what was he trying to say with that sentence?

PirateThom3567d ago

It's baseball.

He hit the ball so far, he was able to take all the bases and get home.

TheHater3567d ago

It referring to baseball. It when guy score to win the game.

TOO PAWNED3567d ago

Ok, so it is positive. But why does he says "injured"? (now i sound like 10 year old asking questions)

pwnsause3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Kirk Gibson was coming off the bench with an injury when he hit the Home Run to win the game 1 of the World series. think about that for a sec. its just too epic

TheTwelve3567d ago

That was Kirk Gibson's only at bat, but it made such an impact, he was honored as the most valuable player of the entire series.


I'm getting goosebumps...


CrazzyMan3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

What the point of showing Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 before Killzone 2 release?
Why not concentrate on Killzone 2, and then sometime in march to show U2 and GoW3?

Of`course i`m looking forward to new info about U2 and GoW3, especially to see that trailer, which Jaffe saw...
But why distract from KZ2 before it`s release?

TheTwelve, still it would be better to reveal those two games later, after KZ2 release. Anyway, i hope Sony will have what to show later this year... =)

callahan09, i don`t mind MOMENTUM, but keep it for MARCH, not before KZ2 release, distracting from it`s greatness. =)

Sangria3567d ago

Too pawned : If you wouldn't ask, i would. It's not a shame to not know those american oddities.

TheTwelve3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )


Killzone 2 has enough hype, thanks. Time for Sony to spread it out. You know, if Sony does it right, they can completely drown 2009 with hype for their exclusives. They've already got January and February covered, now they need to overload the internet with something else....


callahan093567d ago

"What the point of showing Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 before Killzone 2 release?
Why not concentrate on Killzone 2, and then sometime in march to show U2 and GoW3?"

Answer: MOMENTUM. Everyone who's enough into gaming to pay attention to these special revelations already knows about KZ2, and those who are going to buy it have already made up their minds. The reviews are in, the commercials will be coming out AFTER this God of War revelation, so... what are they going to do now that they've got the Killzone 2 thing locked down? Make sure all the PS3 owners out there know they're not going to be left out in the cold for the future, and show them what they can be excited for down the road. Make everyone see that the PS3 has got a steady stream of excellent software, at all times.

TOO PAWNED3567d ago


Like guy above said, momentum. To keep ppl talking about PS3 and it's exclusive games.
Besides is that going to stop you from buying KZ2 or anyone else that is interested in that game? NO

jwatt3567d ago

Yea it helps with people who are on the fence about getting a ps3 just for killzone. You feel more comfortable knowing that there are oher big games coming out in the future.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213567d ago

"Can I get a what, what."

in the butt?

bunbun7773567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I am not one to ever get intra cultural up in here--- but "oddities" 1.8?

Apology for possibly sounding like a hot headed yankee, but there are certain cliche's about America--and two of them are this....

Baseball and apple pie.

Now if you don't know this, cool. If you dont agree with it, cool. Shoot, even if you do know and agree and just don't like sports or baseball, then fine.

But don't call it an oddity please, Or are americans in general a global oddity to the rest of the world?

-scratch that it is an oddity---

*don't answer that! = )*

cmrbe3567d ago

U2 and GOW3 will obviously not release near KZ2 release timeframe so its not be a problem. If anything it will attract more attention to the PS3 now which will be good for KZ2.

Marceles3567d ago

I wonder how many people went to Wikipedia to act like they know who Kirk Gibson is lol

Sangria3567d ago

1.16: You may have misunderstood what i said, or i said it badly. By "oddities", i didn't want to be offensive, i actually didn't found a close word in my mind vocabulary to explain what i thought, and Google Translate said me we call that "oddities".

I just meant that baseball and football (the one with the armor) have a very particular popularity among the global american people that we, foreigners, don't always get. So to me, the closest word was "bizarre" in the French way. Something "bizarre" is not negative, i can ensure it.

Doppy3567d ago

Just put it out already, and quit wasting our time.

pain777pas3567d ago

Can't wait for this news!!!!!!!!!!!

Ju3567d ago

"oddity" ... have to add my two cents, here. But the US are the only ones winning a "world series" or crowning a "world champion" (super bowl) without the participation of any other nation :)

ALL_STAR_283567d ago

if your American and dont appreciate the older steroid free days of baseball something is wrong with you....

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killzone2flop3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

God Of War sucks so i don't understand why anyone would get excited for a crap game.

so i can't give my own opinion if i don't like a game i'll say it just like you droids if you don't like a Xbox360 game say it.

rucky3567d ago

Cause the only game you get excited about is a retarded bear with a [email protected] chicken humping it's shoulder.

Xandet3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I've happened to run across three comments of yours today alone, and every time I wish I could give you a massive amount of bubbles. lol.. rock on.

- And GoW3 will rock everyone's s**t, no questions asked.

TOO PAWNED3567d ago

Keep on playing with that giant nosed bear and his crazy "chicken".

lokiroo4203567d ago

Come on guys only one bubble to go!

Aclay3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

"God Of War sucks so i don't understand why anyone would get excited for a crap game."

LOL, PP you are a Joke!!

If God of War 3 was coming to the Xbox 360 you would be wetting your bed every night with excitement. Looks like you're running out of bubbles again Killzone2Flop aka PP, time to make a new troll account.

queerbearandchicken3567d ago

Kratos is better than your fetish for a queerbearandchicken

nix3567d ago

so your next user name would be "gow3sux", eh?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

It's not been a very good 2009 so far has it for you and your xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings!!! ;-D
Your going down with the Titanic = xBox 360 -



+ I didn't read what it/he/she said when i opened up your comment to do er my comment.

cereal_killa3567d ago

"If God of War 3 was coming to the Xbox 360 you would be wetting your bed every night with excitement"

PP doesn't need GOW on the 360 to wet his bed he does that on his own without the games pop pop pop say bye to KZ2FLop hello new troll account not sure why the mods just don't IP ban you PP no one would miss you.

magicman03567d ago

lol even xbox fanboys would disagree with you if they either have a psp or ps2, if you dont have either, your point is justified because you obviously haven't played any game in its series. But once you play any god of war game, no matter who you are, im 90% sure you'll love it.

Wait... anyone agree with him? 0 agree 30 disagree.

goflyakite3567d ago

I lol'd @ GoW2 and GoW:CoO Edge scores. (both got 70's)

good old edge.

b777conehead3566d ago

if it was released on the 360 you would love the game . you are a blind fan boy

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swiftshot933567d ago

In other words: Confirmed, Best Action is in development by Sony Santa Monica Studios exclusively for Playstation 3.

*disclaimer* Gamers may be subjected to dizziness, faint, jizzing, and many other unknown side effects due to the epic, bad-ass, best game that is God Of War.

METtAL-GAMER3567d ago

Is there really a need to say "exclusive for ps3"?It sounds like bragging that you get a game somebody else doesn't and that's not cool man.Everyone should be able to play god of war.That way everyone will know how awesome that game is.God of war 3 is gonna be awesome.Why would you wanna keep other people from playing it?

blusoops3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Everyone CAN play God of War 3....
you just need a PS3 to do it. No one's stopping people from getting a PS3, that's all im sayin

ape0073566d ago


killzone 2

now gow 3

and still uncharted 2 and heavy rain

ps3 is a must have console.period

interrergator3567d ago

prepare for chaos on 2-13-09