Need for Speed Undercover Patched

The developers of Need for Speed Undercover have listened to their fans. The difficulty of the game and the frame rate were the chief concerns of the user base and thus became the chief focus of the patch that was just released.

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Rich16313233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I have been thinking about getting this game but the lack of trophies, custom music, and the supposedly horrid frame rate put me off. I will wait and see if this patch actually did anything, and I will buy or skip accordingly.

Edit: Is it really that bad? I mean it is just a racing game, how can you screw that up?

NaiNaiNai3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

no patch can fix this game. T_T trust me, it was good at first, but then i stoped for 2 days, came back, and O.o OMFG the game was imposible to play after you stoped.


100% agree.

Jamegohanssj53233d ago

Should make a patch that just locks up the game,so you don't have to suffer through it's crappiness.


ranma68993232d ago

but i wish they fix you get money on on it once you beat the game no way making money there still some lagging some the sharp turnes