Joystig NYCC 09: Gears has 'ten-year plan', prequel possible

'This weekend, during a NYCC held panel on Gears of War, Gears 2 lead writer Joshua Ortega let slip information on plans to extend the Gears franchise ten years, which may result in an Emergence Day prequel.

"You will not be disappointed in the next ten years," revealed Ortega when answering a panel question that asked about a future Gears project being a prequel. "It's a ten-year plan. Gears is long-term. The lancer is the new...'

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killzone2flop3568d ago

I like that picture of Marcus Fenix its so funny.

WildArmed3568d ago

hey atleast he is still kickass enough to kick some ass in Gears of War 29 o_o

Trebius3568d ago

That only makes sense...the best game on 360 should be kept alive for a Mario for Nintendo. I wonder if they'll continue to use the Unreal engine for's getting tired...

If It aint broke, dont fix it, I know...
I just hope GoW3 isnt exactly the same as 2 and 1.

thats_just_prime3568d ago

From something else I heard I was actually thinking that this my be MS big bombshell surprise of E3 and might even be out this year. I really do hope its a Marcus Fenix prequel I'd love to know what the hell he did that he was locked a in a cell and they kept him there even in the middle of a war and why he is "the Marcus Fenix".

Fishy Fingers3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

""The lancer is the new lightsaber." You know, just replace the glow of the saber with a chainsaw and a few bullets, and you have one accurate analogy."

What is it with sudden love for the Star Wars comparisons?

thats_just_prime3568d ago

No way the lancer will ever come close to being as cool as a lightsaber