Is the Tide Finally Changing for PlayStation 3?

GOONL!NE: "We'll admit it.

You know it, I know, practically everyone knows it.

The pre-launch hype for the PlayStation 3 was a joke. A ridiculous price at £425/$599, barely any decent games at launch and PR which is probably the worst in history. Needless to say, the PLAYSTATION 3 has not had the best of lifecycles compared to the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

But since then, slowly but surely, things are getting better."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3593d ago

It has never changed.PS3 will always and forever be the superior console.No fake articles or xbot tears will change that

May the CELL be with you

lokiroo4203593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

And also with you. From now until the hour of our death. Amen.

Helghast Slayer3592d ago

The PS# brand will forever rule.Never has such a medium giving me so much joy and excitement throughout my life. I will forever support Sony for their reliability and focus on mass entertainment with the most unprecedented games for two straight decades.

Any ex Sony supporter that jumped gun or hasn't purchased a ps3 yet should be ashamed of themselves. People cry out "WE WANT INNOVATION!!" but when Sony delivers that (the ps3) they don't want to support them. I say f#ck the haters and move along Sony. Lost fans will gradually term to new fans, that's the fortunate cycle.

ultimolu3593d ago


I remembered back in 2007 when the PS3 was mocked for having no games, being just an expensive bluray player, among other things. It was painful owning a PS3 back then.

But now?

I can only see things getting better and better for the system. Sony just needs heavier advertising and a pricedrop.

Trebius3593d ago

Had Sony released the PS3 at a competitive price at first, it would've been selling like hot cakes. Small price to pay for a reliable system though, i've had it since launch and I havent complained, launch titles were scarce but now I have games I havent even gotten to play yet.

ultimolu3593d ago

I have games I haven't even beaten yet.
Cry for me. I haven't beaten MGS4 yet...*shot*

3593d ago
rroded3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

org 60 giger :P right after the price drop. Had lots of games that we still enjoy. (Time permitting) :D but with all the new titles dropping its been hard to find time to play em all.

Surprising enough our 360 collections still a bit bigger but we dont play much since it started eating disks (sigh past warranty twice rroded piece of junk gonna b a while b4 we shell out for another)

Karum3593d ago

I agree, it was rough going at the start but much better now.

I think the biggest factor that held the PS3 back at launch was the price, the price was ridiculously high. I think people could have forgiven the lack of games at launch but for the price it cost at launch people expected there to be a lot of games for them to play which wasn't really the case.

Only thing holding it back now (though not as much) is a price drop and more aggressive marketing. Less hate from the media would help too but that's probably asking too much lol.

gamesmaster3593d ago

if you think the tide is turning press agree, if not, disagree.

cmrbe3593d ago

but i loved the PS3 experience from the start and it is the best PS console experience sofar for me.

Yes there were alot of F**K heads that hated it back in early 2007 but that didn't stop be from enjoying my sexy,shinny black beast.

gamesmaster3593d ago

does your sexy shiney black beast enjoy your ps3 too? lol j/k

Anon19743593d ago

Sony was eating something like $250 per console at the start. They were practically running a charity for games/home theater enthusiasts, and clearly the consumers who bought in understood that because 17 million consoles were moved in 2 years at the high price point, a feat the 360 didn't even come close to.

And another thing, has everyone forgot the 360's launch? It was terrible! High priced console, nothing to play but a handful of games for over 6 months...glitchy XBL...not to mention the tragically short lifespan of a launch 360. I don't understand how anyone could look at the PS3's first two years and say they had problems without viewing the 360's first two years as a complete disaster.

Mind you, that's just me. Maybe we don't have any other 360 owners posting who've had a console from launch but my 360 on numerous occasions that first year especially constantly ran the risk of becoming more of a projectile than a gaming console.

MicroSony4Life3592d ago

I could have lived with out the Blue Ray or built in wireless internet receiver. 1 question why didn't Sony make different types of SKU'S.

Sibs3592d ago

... You do realize that the discs the games come on are Blu-Ray too?

No Blu-Ray-reader = no games for you.

pain777pas3592d ago

The price was way too High for the average gamer and convincing mom and dad was just a waste of time. If the price was different this console war would be different.

pain777pas3592d ago

I must add that truthfully no game has really been next gen. Graphically yes but now with LBP and KZ2 I see this generation coming into its own. Gears 2 and ME get mentioned and OBlivion the first game I knew could not be done on that scale before now. Plus truth is I'm playing Rogue galaxy on the PS3/2 right now and I love it so some may be still playing PS2 till they must upgrade price and WOW next gen games will tip the balances soon.

cmrbe3592d ago

it was the first thing that came to my mind when i was unboxing my PS3.

@Pain777. If the price was lower it would have meant that Sony would have had to sacrifice something.

blackpanther253592d ago

yo im playing rogue galaxy as well lol. I love that sh!t and i have a backorder of ps2 rpgs to play

AAACE53592d ago

The Ps3 is a great system with great games. I believe it is reliable because I haven't heard too much about Ps3's going down, but I have a 360 and play it regularly for about 6 hours a day, not including movies I watch. I also charge controllers and Zune's on it and leave background downloads running. I don't know how other 360 owners use theirs, but I know my 360 pretty much runs all day, everyday. So I can understand why I got the hardware failure a couple times. It's also the same reason I had to buy several Ps2's in the past. I put consoles through alot of stress in other words.

The Great Melon3592d ago


I know what you mean. Still have to beat MGS3 before I even peak at MGS4.

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jamesrocks31473593d ago

price is the main thing here, and advertiseing.
dont advertise your exclusive games nobody knows about them sony,
then u have a higher price then xbox 360 with the same games as ps3, people will pick 360 over ps3 its fair 2 say am talkin about an average customer who dont know much as we do here on n4g, an average customer buyin a next gen console. bring the price down advertise the advantages of ps3 and the exclusive quality games and how they are better then most average games then you have a winner. also give us some firmware updates like in game voice chat please sony;)

sanamsingh3593d ago

getting tires of these pointless articles?
Please update us on games, not if the PS3 needs saving (which it doesn't) or how it is improving.