Biggest Letdown of 09?

Now that the Resident Evil 5 demo is available on Xbox Live and PSN gamers are having their say. The reaction thus far has been mixed. Here is GamingFront.nets take on the demo:

If could pick one word to describe the demo for Resident Evil 5 it would be "Horrible".

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StoneySweatLeafs3592d ago

This game is going to suck big time. I didn't like the demo either.

BkaY3591d ago

please elaborate......

and dont tell me about the controls..... and not the run n gun crap...

and dont tell me tht u havent played RE4 or any RE....


N4Sony3591d ago

Please, the answer is obvious. The game was lead developed for the 360. It is obvious that without the power of the cell RE5 could not demonstrate a capable control scheme paced and implimented well enough to deal with the faster gameplay. Instead, Microsoft's focus on memory has left us with no ability to run AND shoot at the same time, thus destroying the game and potentially leaving it as 2009's biggest letdown. the real world, let's all just realize that RE5 has some significant control and speed imbalances in its gameplay. Straight up, PSone quality play against a next-gen foe isn't looking too favorable. Hope the game testers are having fun dying over and over agin. Terrible job Capcom...I hated the demo.

BkaY3591d ago

mate... final ver is going to have run and there goes your complain about controls... about xbox holding ps back coz of mem or something... mate thts just stupid.... i just wanna ask u one question
hav u played re4....?

when re4 came out..... everyone was like this game is awesome and had pretty good reviews.... nobody complain about the controls at tht time.... im just saying tht every game has its own style....

if every game follows the same pattern then whats the point...

my mate who is like pro re4... he killed tht chainsaw guy with knife....."WITH FREAKIN KNIFE".... and he only do head shot .... controls working fine for him i guess....

i was havin prob with controls but when i played it for like 4 or 5 times.... i start lovin it ... i play it (and killzone 2 )5 to 6 times everyday...

peace and keep on gamin.

oriol0033592d ago


sanamsingh3592d ago

never been a fan, seems too slow and repetitive

Helghast Slayer3591d ago

Trust me coming from a fan of the RE franchise i'm a bit disappointing in capcom and RE5. The gameplay is similar to RE4 with repetitive gameplay and extremely dumb A.I. This is 2009 and forking out $100 (Aussie cash) for a game that i could have played on my ps2 is not gonna cut it.

In cases like these i recommend and i appreciate devs who take their time to deliver a solid AAA gaming experience. With the exception of RE5 which took nearly 4 years to make and still turned out meh.

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