5 ways Nintendo completely screwed up WiiWare

OMG Nintendo writes: "So when TellTale announced that they had the Wallace and Gromit license, I posted about it. I did this because I, like almost everyone else who saw the announcement, presumed the game would be heading to WiiWare as a successor to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Some sites labeled the original announcement Wii news, or listed the launch assets as Wii assets.

So what do I see earlier this week? An announcement that the Wallace and Gromit game will be going to PC... and Xbox Live. Because, gosh, when I think of playing an adventure game, I think about wrestling with dual analog thumbsticks and multiple shoulder buttons! Rumors had been going around for awhile that certain major "developers" were extremely unhappy with their WiiWare revenue, and I can only imagine Wallace and Gromit on XBLA is the first concrete sign of this."

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