Gamer 2.0 Review: Flower (PSN)

Sony had a good name for the recent crop of games that strive to be more of a relaxing experience, a stress-free difficulty, and an experience that almost anybody can enjoy, which is Zen gaming. Games like A Kingdom for Keflings, The Maw, and flOw, thatgamecompany's first PSN game, are some of the best examples of this new genre. thatgamecompany's newest entry in this genre is called Flower and it's definitely another very unique experience on PSN.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3596d ago

Excellent.AAA Zen gaming brought to you exclusively from Sony Computer Entertainment.

AnimeRaven3596d ago

I can not wait for this game. It looks so relaxing and I need a few games that just let me chill out and have fun.

interrergator3596d ago

i hate to say this but i have never seen this game before :( shoot me with disagrees

PirateThom3596d ago

Nah, you don't get disagrees for that, but be on the look out.

It's hopefully going to be something relaxing, to kick back with and enjoy.

Xandet3596d ago

I can't remember the last time I could sit down and have a truly relaxing experience with a videogame.. everything is so guns-blazing now, it seemed that there would be no escape from it. I'm so happy to be seeing a game like this release to a mass market on the PSN, and I can't wait to play it.

interrergator3596d ago

saw trailers and gameplay: wen does this come out

3sq3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yeah, it would be great to play this game while taking break from KZ2.

If only I can smell those flowers.

PS4 included smell-function confirmed.

L-a-i-n3596d ago

From what I have read it comes out this week Feb 12. So can't wait for it. I agree with Raven 100% we need some games that we can just mellow out with. I download on day 1 for sure.

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