CVG: Battlefield 1943: Pacific Preview

CVG writes: "Battlefield 1942 was a groundbreaking multiplayer shooter, but we played the demo considerably more than the main game. The generous one-map multiplayer trial became an internet sensation almost overnight, with the full scale and infinitely-repayable formula of DICE's war spectacle available for all at its most purist.

As soon as the main game arrived, we lost interest; 15-odd maps and umpteen sides seemed only to dilute the experience of the wonderfully pure and expertly designed Wake Island demo map. Strangely, it seems we weren't alone either - purchases of the full retail release were considerably smaller than demo takeups, DICE producer Patrick Liu tells us."

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killzone2flop3569d ago

Battlefield 1943 is gonna be so fun i want this game now asap please.

Mozilla893569d ago

So I'll definitely be downloading this although I wish they would have added Coral Sea as well.