inFamous in Four Shots

Kotaku Write; Here's four new screenshots for the Playstation 3 exclusive to along with our preview of inFamous.

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Fishy Fingers3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I've attached the images to this page, but for some reason they look much better at the source.

Looks great.

(Kotakus accompanying preview:

chaosatom3596d ago

Let the Haters hate and say that prototype will be above this, but my money is on this game.

They know how to make good use of the Ps3 + Along with good Story and gameplay.

Darkseider3596d ago

Another positive preview from Kotaku regarding a PS3 exclusive. Hell has officially frozen over and Satan is moving to Miami.

nos4speed3596d ago

screenshot three, his fingers go through the pipe XD I aint dissin just thought id mention it :P hopefully have a bit less of that in the final game