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IGN: "Dead Rising is one of the favorite current-gen games among IGN editors. For those who didn't play Dead Rising, you were a photojournalist who got trapped in a mall when a zombie outbreak occurred. Your goal was to survive until help arrived and then escape said help before they had a chance to kill you.

Having sold more than a million copies on Xbox 360, there's little doubt that a sequel is coming. Rather than wait for Capcom to announce Dead Rising 2 and provide any gameplay details, we decided to dive right in and decide what additions should be made for the sequel."

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Arsenic133593d ago

Coop would be fantastic.

Boldy3593d ago

My wish list in addition to most of the list (some referring to problems in DR1 but could pop up in DR2 and theres no spoilers just in case there's someone that just heard about the game and wants to play it):

1. When you kill the convicts, they should stay dead. They aren't zombies, so there is no reason to have them keep coming back alive. It removes any encouragement to actually try to kill them.

2. Get rid of the strict time schedule or at least add multiple saves.

3. When Ottis manages to call you on the radio (I hope he doesn't) let me fight while I'm listening to him. I really disliked having to listen to him say "Hey, don't cut me out like that." (felt like it took five seconds to go off the screen) and then he would just about start all over again telling you where the survivor was. I often found my self saying "Sorry Otis, I'll try not to defenselessly get myself cornered into a room full of zombies while one chews on my neck next time."

4. Game releases with a "Just for fun mode." No time limit, no rescue, no lowering health bars, no restrictions on food, and get rid of the psychopaths. Sometimes I just want to have fun smashing zombies. DR1 had something close to this, but the health bar lowered every once in a while there was no infinite health sources (orange juice and wine), and psychopaths were scattered throughout the mall (although I guess they can stay if they include the infinite health).

Personally I liked the escort missions. I just thought that the survivor AI was a little too dumb. I began to think that the zombies were actually more intelligent (I was tempted to take one of them to the safe room instead of the survivors as if the world is going to need to be repopulated we might as well take the smartest.) I also don't really know about online co-op. Something like this seems to me very tough as with the amount of zombies, so I'm not sure what kind of effect this would have on the overall game (I'm not a tech kind-of-person). The whole playing as zombies thing, to me seems, like they want DR2 to be multiplayer which doesn't seem right.

Anyways even though it felt like I kind of criticized DR 1 out a bit, I still loved the game overall but I felt that these were the weak points. If anyone managed to make it to this point without skipping a majority of the text above, I thank you for listening to me complain (sorry for any text errors). This feels more like a forum post than a comment... oh well.

Stationfan3593d ago

Cant wait always wanted to finish the first one, but the 360 i had at the moment couldnt play 15 minutes of the game (would always freeze with the Carlos battle), without freezing.

Thanks i have my reliable ps3 and its getting the game too.

TOSgamer3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

local co-op. Devs need to learn that people still want to play with their friends locally. I don't care if there's a hit to graphics or there's some slow down in co-op. I still want to share the experience with friends. Just look at the reviews for Resistance 2 at Amazon. There are plenty of people pissed off that co-op was removed from the campaign. Its the reason why I only rented Resistance 2 and will be the reason why I only rent Killzone 2.

OGharryjoysticks3593d ago

From the screenshots it makes the last game look so last gen, so I don't think people need to wish for better graphics.

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