Rumor: inFamous Coming In June

It's already been established that inFamous will arrive sometime this Spring, but when in the Spring? The release date was cleared up a little bit for Blend Games during a special Playstation event on Friday.

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Cajun Chicken3570d ago

Aww no. Not again. Jeez. Why are all of these games expected to come out just as soon as I finish my course?
I mean, I look forward to the games, but its just the fact I can't count the days around because I count down the days of being thrust into reality.

I really hope this is still coming during April/March.

EvilCackle3570d ago

As long as it doesn't get released during the annual October/November holiday clusterf***, it's cool with me.

Trollimite3570d ago

ive never seen them before today. weird. the again i dont pay good attention

Beast_Master3570d ago

Considering that IGN and Xplay have been hands on with the game 2 times in the last month I was expecting an April or May release. June is not Spring Sucker Punch!

Cajun Chicken3570d ago

Well, I'm sure that's them just teasing. That's a large gap and a lot of months between. Sounds sarcastic.

Besides, isn't Prototype coming out in June? I'm sure this is just teasing.

EvilCackle3570d ago

You think they're going to move a release date based on Prototype's release?

Cajun Chicken3570d ago

Nah. I just think they're teasing based on Prototype's recently announced date.

Beast_Master3570d ago

I could care less what the official ending date of Spring is, when you are in the US and someone says Spring we automatically assume late March to end of May. June July and August are Summer, Sept-Nov is Fall.

Doppy3570d ago

This is stupid if the June release date is true. They should have pushed for early April to early May at the latest, because now their in direct competition with Prototype, June 30th according to IGN, (a very similar game) instead of being in a spot of their own. People are constantly comparing these 2 games, and while I'm sure both will offer something different, it's going to be hard to choose between them and as of now Prototype seems like the better game only because they've shown more gameplay, gore, abilities, and fun in their videos than InFamous has.

I think InFamous will be a great game, but it should have had a good month to itself because it's an exclusive new IP which are rarely 2 - 3+ million sellers (and I want this game to review well and sell well because it looks fun and the developer is great), whereas Prototype being a multiplatform game has a much better chance of being successful sale wise just because it's on 3 platforms.

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rucky3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Halo 3: ODST is also now rumored to come out in June.

Graphics Whore3570d ago


I wouldn't be surprised.

Foxgod3570d ago

That would be an easy victory, dont have anything better to square off against Halo ?

Galvanise3570d ago

Other sources state its coming out in May, which is the date I heard whispered weeks ago.

LarVanian3570d ago

June? No I think this game will definitely be out in May.

Fishy Fingers3570d ago

Kotaku's preview (today) also noted a similar released date:

"The demo I saw was a pre-alpha build. The game is scheduled for release in May."

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The story is too old to be commented.