1UP: Looking Back at God of War 1

God of War director David Jaffe reminisces about the game that made him a household name, and tells 1UP what he would do if he were making God of War 3.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3515d ago

He wasn't cussing up a storm this time. That's strange.

Regardless, the man is a genius and I can't wait to play his future projects.


TOO PAWNED3515d ago

Jaffe is awesome. He is master mind behind one of the coolest IPs around.
He said that he still has one big new IP in him but has not motivation to pursue it now. Sony open your wallet and give motivation to this guy :)

ShAkKa3515d ago

As for the individual game, if I can't say Hades... I really wanted to have a little helper fairy kind of character in the opening that was kind of like Navi in Zelda. I wanted to do a play on that, where Kratos basically got annoyed with it in the first half of the first level and killed it. I thought that would be really fun, and we just never had time to set up that whole thing.


SAiOSiN3515d ago

GoWII looks just as good as an early 360 game. Imagine what GoWIII will look like.