French PSM3 to feature God Of War 3 Preview

They report form the translation:
"Had some time left the land of the blog, it seems clear now it was for good cause. We were in search of the new god of the PS3. In total exclusivity for Europe and France in front with Game Informer, it is in Santa Monica that we could take the beast in hand. The result is up to our wildest expectations. Plus a game is a real myth is revealed for the first time. For this reason, we decided to reveal some secrets of the Gods preview with bonus exclusive coverage of the next issue. From chaos comes beauty, revenge comes immortality ...
As our American friends did not deny to reveal the God of War, so here is the next cover of PSM3 number which will be released on February 21 on newsstands. Go east as hot as the coals can already tell you that the game displays a big fifteen enemies on screen and that the confrontation ahead already a mix of violent défouloir and technical mastery. You may also tremble with the pleasure of taking control of Cyclops in battle for all-practical-and devastate saliva in advance with new types of gameplay a bit more "tactical group". That you can not tell you for now because you will soon find our 10 pages of info in all good butchers near you. Pending: the game may be with you! "

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Sangria3543d ago

Good, i may scan and translate it for you, then.

Cool Hwhip3543d ago

I would love you long time for that.

eagle213542d ago

Also, Game Informer is featuring the magnificent Kratos soon. :)

Sangria3542d ago

Don't worry, as soon as it releases, i get it, translate it and submit it on N4G. And if i fail, i shall die in atrocious sufferings.

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Beg For Mercy3543d ago

if you thought you were crying now about killzone2 just wait till this game breaks out your the guys here that catch the tears are gonna have a lot of catching to do, cry xbots cry, this is what you get for all yours sins in 2006 and 2007

magicman03542d ago

i think this might be the only game that xbots will say doesn't suck cause its on the ps3, everyone loves gow series

killzone2flop3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Multi-Platform if you haven't heard already its coming over.

I don't even want that crap game to come to Xbox360 so please Microsoft please don't let it.

oo i'm really scared God Of War graphics are gonna be mind blowing hahahaha hahahahaha man you droids make me laugh Xbox360 console aint no push over wait and see the games coming out for 09 and you'll be amazed at what graphics Xbox360 can pull out.

Fishy Fingers3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

LOL... You refering to this > ? Which has nothing to do with GOW?

Santa Monica are an in house development studio. No multiplatform, no chance (that includes PC).

Beg For Mercy3542d ago

i cant believe you really believe that pp my son

LarVanian3542d ago

Why do you put such retarded bastards like pp on Earth?
Seriously answer me that!

magicman03542d ago

why do you have to bash every ps3 title just because its not on the 360?

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The story is too old to be commented.