Video Game Comebacks 2009

It is a month into 2009, which means plenty of opportunities for the stuff that's been down and out in the gaming world to pick itself up, dust itself off and get back in the fray. Are you feeling the comeback vibe? Crank up "Eye of the Tiger" and join GameDaily on a journey through the franchises, trends and developers who'll be back to making waves in the coming 11 months.

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Beast_Master3594d ago

Someone please kill Gamesdaily. Other than their worthless articles, I to have flip through page after page only to reveal how little they know about Video Games. I had no idea that Grand Tarismo was dead, or God of War, or Fight Night or Bioshock or most of these games. Isn't a comeback mean they had a down year or two or people where not interested in them for a while but now they are going to make a Comeback? Chalk up another stupid article from the worlds for most idiots of gaming!!