Resident Evil 5 Gameplay Video From Gottacon

While Speaking at the Gottacon gaming convention, Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed shot some video of the new Resident Evil 5 game.

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farhsa20083534d ago

wtf? This is from the demo, why the hell would we want to see this?
Anyways im getting this game on day one.

Garethvk3534d ago

It was shown at the Sony booth.

Reshun3534d ago

Only thing I can play at the moment lol

lord_of_balrogs3534d ago

Ya, I'm still playing it too. It's addicting as hell, now that its been out for a while most of the noobs have been siphoned out and I can actually play the co-op with good players who dont get struck down every five seconds.