Controlled Anxiety: Why the Resident Evil 5 Controls are Excellent writes:

"Unpleasant, strenuous and oft inescapable, anxiety is not something people would be expected to enjoy. It relentlessly forces exertion, pushes people out their comfort zones and dictates impulsive decisions, yet for some inexplicable reason, gamers relish it, yearn for it if you will, and, rather neatly, developers provide it in the form of horror games.

Anxiety is a tricky thing to create, so how come Resident Evil 5 does it so well? Answer: the controls."

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ape0073568d ago

see that it controles fine,I don't care for walking\shooting

the only thing that bother me is that you can't RELOAD while walking or running

very good demo btw

day 1 buy

can't wait

dgroundwater3568d ago

Agree on all counts except the reload thing. As unrealistic as it is, we all know the purpose is the same as the rest of the controls. Still awesome - day one buy.

Graphics Whore3568d ago

I'm skipping, I didn't enjoy the demo and the controls didn't add to the already 'ugh' atmosphere.

Stationfan3568d ago

I didnt like the controls much but confident that they will become second nature with time, just dont expect the casual audience ($$$$) to fall in love with them as theyre more opt to buying games that have more user friendly controls.

3568d ago
funkycoldmedina3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I've always enjoyed the RE series even with the tank controls & auto-aiming going all the way back to PS1. I owned RE2, RE1 Remake (NGC), RE Zero, RE3, RE: CV and RE4. I couldn't stand RE3 because of the initial cheap Nemesis random encounters on first play through and tank control combo until I unlocked unlimited rocket launcher.

I finally got around to playing the PS3 RE5 demo Sunday and was I very disappointed. Tank controls, and no shooting and moving did it for me. After MGS4, it's hard to play similar genre even Dead Space's headache inducing Isaac aiming close up that hogs up the entire left screen (blind-siding more like it). MGS4's melee combat wasn't very good but the TPS mechanics was good and Snake remained more towards the middle of the screen and able to switch to left or right side aiming. I think Capcom needs to rethink RE series controls (losing Shinji Mikami didn't help). RE4 worked for its time and every other TPS since has copied the style adding something different. RE5 looks very good, but I think I will skip a release purchase and wait for a price drop months later.

I just didn't enjoy RE5's 2005 controls as much in such confine narrow environment after playing other similar genre games. Ammo conservation is always important in the RE series, but not being able to knife and shoot while moving is pretty bad combined with the tank/sluggish controls for 2008/09 standard.