Velvet Assassin Being Abandoned Post-Release

Developer says there will be no sequel, and no DLC because of a very peculiar reason. TGR isn't buying it.

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DelbertGrady3566d ago

= Not cheating the gamers.

Elven63566d ago

Well it is based of the life of someone so I don't see how DLC or a sequel can fit in without making them look greedy.

Viewtiful3566d ago

Read the article and you might have found a few suggestions.

shovelbum3566d ago

I agree that some games need no sequel but if it sells well; a sequel we will get or prequel.

Raz3566d ago

It isn't even released yet, and already they're making comments that cast aspersions on the quality of the finished product. Sabotaging their own game with negative PR...not terribly smart, is it?

Elven63566d ago

I did read the article but again that goes back to the greed element,

ThanatosDMC3566d ago

I would rather play the demo first... i hope it doesnt turn out to be like another Too Human.

But then again im not into that chick gunning thing... it's just so fake... faker than aliens. If you ever watch, that movie of a chick killing a dude... then you'll understand where im coming from.

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Th3 Chr0nic3566d ago

they said they wont make a sequel cause it is based on real world events/people. so to me it makes sense to only do one game, esp since it would be hard to just guess what these real ppl may have done after the games story ends. I dont think this should be any reason to shun the game or anything else. How about we thank the devs for not planning on a sequel before the first game even hits the shelves. These days there are too many games made that are just utter crap and just pushed out to make money. I would rather have one quality hit than have 1 hit and then 3 sequels that only make you wish for the real thing. And please give me a break, just 5 or so years ago we had no DLC so i think we can do without this time.

predator3566d ago

well at least they are being honest

cain1413566d ago

In this day in age, it's hard to put a lot of money into a game and then not want to use it as a launching pad for a sequel...

Even though it isn't what they are saying, it makes me weary that the game probably sucks...

italianbreadman3566d ago

Maybe rather than a sequel or DLC, Blend will simply make a different game using the same engine and gameplay mechanics.

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The story is too old to be commented.